Aircraft Performance

Take off and Landing Performance. Runway Analysis.

The majority of aircraft accidents occur during the take-off and landing phase of flight. Because of this fact, the pilot must be familiar with all the variables that influence the take-off and landing performance of an aircraft and must rely on exact, professional calculation of aircraft performance. Short runway, high temperature, tail wind, airport elevation, water, snow, ice, and slush on runways can create hazardous conditions for aircraft.

We use TALPA approved software, necessary type of aircraft databases and qualified engineers to do accurate aircraft performance calculation, including Engine-Out emergensy procedures and integrated Runway Analysis.

Weight and Balance.

A well-balanced aircraft is mandatory rule for safety and fuel efficiency flight. Our engineers on daily basis performs accurate weight and balance calculation.The weight and balance software is fully integrated with flight planning system, has functionality supporting the entire spectrum of load-control activities and makes it easy and properly to load the aircraft to ensure safe and efficient flight. Right loaded aircraft will climb faster, cruise faster and save fuel.