Flight Planning

Operation Flight Plan
Customer’s route/FPL re-check and correction
Preliminary optimal route elaboration
Route Cost Calculation
ETOPS calculation
ATC Fligt Plan calculation
Oceanic Tracks
Text Weather /Chat Weather
Preflight Information Bulletin by Route
Preflight Information Bulletin by Aerodrome
Preflight Information Bulletin by FIR
Aircraft lead to non-international aerodromes of Russian Federation
Prognostic Charts 
Route Map
Winds Map
Crew Information Sheet
Flight Risk Assessment Sheet
Aviation Security Assessment Sheet
Route flight time/distance/payload calculation
Alternate aerdorome selection
Preliminary commercial trip planning

Aircraft Performance

Runway Analysis
Take Off/ Emergency Return /Landing
Load Manifest
Maximum Payload Calculation
Maximum Distance Calculation
Minimum Safe Fuel Calculation

Fuel Optimization

Fuel Cost Control at an airport
Fuel arrangement
Tax Exemption Program
Route Cost Optimization
Tankering calculation
Techstop analysis

Flight Dispatch

Airport/Airway slot arrangements
ATC slot coordination
PPR arrangements
E-APIS notifications 
Passenger Manifest
General Declaration
Customs/Immigration Clearence
Country Security Briefing 
Overflight/Landing Permits
Flight Bulletin
AIS consultation
Trip Cost Estimate

Aerodrome Availability

Aerodrome Trip Kit
Country Security Briefing
Handling Cost Estimate 
Airport local flight rules and regulations check
Airport Service Availability and curfew check
Domestic Airfiled Charts, NOTAMs (Russian Federation)
Visa, customs, medical regulations