Flight Planning

Flight Planning is the process of determining a suitable route, exact time and necessary volume of fuel for a planned flight. Analisys based on actual aeronautical and meteorological information on route and aircraft performance calculation. We use software from Leading World Companies to calculate safe and the most suitable flight routes.

The first Task. It is Flight Safety. Analysis of current aeronautical and meteorological information performs on 24 hours basis using World Databases, forecasted and actual situation on the flight route, observing safe flight altitudes, wind, hazardous weather conditions (thunderstorms, typhoons, turbulence, etc.). Each flight tests via Flight Risk Assessment Tool and Aviation Risk Assesment Tool to consider qualifications and flight experience of the crew, actual technical and weather conditions at the airports of departure, destination and en-route, aircraft performance.

The second Task. It is economic efficiency. Planning takes place on the most advantageous routes, considering suitable flight levels and flight time, air navigation fees on the route and at airports, fuel consumption and flight cost. In cases of expediency, the calculation of the required amount of fuel performs from the appropriate airport.